Hamish McClelland is a London based artist originally from Glasgow studying Fine Art Mixed Media at the University of Westminster. He explores themes around gender, beauty and self-perception through mediums such as oils on canvas and analogue darkroom photography.
Hamish says: 'I started playing around with drag a little over a year ago, but my love of make-up is something that I've explored a lot in my day to day life as a way to express myself. I find that a lot of the time there's this idea of drag as a performance of a character, but my drag concerns itself more with a study of what I find beautiful and visually interesting. I try to step away from personifying this idea of my interpretation of femininity and therefore departing from how I am otherwise because I don't have to view make-up and a wig as gendered. For me, it's about looking at shapes, shadows and proportions and just having fun and fucking around until I like what I see.'

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